So, you think you have what it takes to get in front of a mic? We are always looking for new talent to mix into our rotation of shows. There are a few requirements though and they are as follows:

  • You MUST have all of your own equipment; no software or equipment will be provided to anyone that is interested in joining Vapor Radio.

  • Bring some energy to the table. Be entertaining, outgoing, we’re not your mom and pop radio station, live on the edge.

  • No simulcasting, we do want you to push Vapor Radio and only Vapor Radio any chance you get. We are building a brand here people.

  • You must be willing to do at a minimum of a one hour show and Maximum of a three-hour show.

  • We will accept prerecorded/syndicated style shows, as long as they are fully produced and submitted at least 24 hours before airtime. You also must submit a playlist with the artists and titles of all music played on that particular show, for each show you air – no exceptions.
  • Vapor Radio will help promote your show and time on social media, but you also will be expected to promote your own show on your social media platforms as well as help promote the station as a whole on social media.
  • Anything and everything goes, we just ask that you provide the listeners with a warning at the beginning of your show to let them no strong language and content will take place during the show.

  • Vapor Radio is a Hip-hop/rap and R&B station, we do ask that any music played must fall under that category.

  • Please be respectful and site any articles that you talk about on your shows. We don’t want to be those douchey people that don’t give credit where credit is due.

  • Please the most important thing of all, have fun and let’s make Vapor Radio the dopest station on the internet.

If you think you can abide by most of those rules and are still interested, then please submit a 15-minute audition including two voice breaks and a music break. If can be a little longer if need be. Please don’t send more than a 30-minute audition. It will be rejected if it’s longer than 30 minutes. Again, we are so glad you considered Vapor Radio for your broadcasting home. We look forward to making you the next member of the Vapor Radio squad!!